ENGLISH VERSION : Roy Patterson wants Lennoxville to be independant

5 novembre 2017Sarah Beaudoin

Roy Patterson, independant candidate in Lennoxville, spoke up about his desire to demerge Lennoxville from the rest of the City of Sherbrooke, so that the Lennoxville district become autonomous and succeed to fit more adequately to the requests of the citizens.

According to Mr. Patterson, the referendum vote concerning the possible separation of Lennoxville was not valid for many reasons, one of which is that the threshold was not realistic and hardly attainable. He would like for Lennoxville to separate from Sherbrooke and annex itself to a village like Waterville, North Hatley and Cookshire Eaton and become a twin city.

Mr. Patterson believes in the potential of Lennoxville and its citizens to become an antonomous city that would posess enough experience and natural ressources to be a world class community.

He finds it pretty absurd that the main stake of his or her opponents is the preservation of the bilingual status of the city. He considers that, right now, we are in a position in which it does not matter what we do, we can lose our bilingual status. The only strategy that can let Lennoxville keep its independance and its bilingual status is the annexation of Lennoxville to a village nearby.

Mr. Patterson has many ideas concerning the improvement of the quality of life of the Lennoxville citizens. He says that he wants to implement those ideas whether Lennoxville becomes independent or not, and as soon as he is elected. He would like to create a transit community service for Lennoxville that would be running similarly as the Uber system and he would like to create a system that would allow Lennoxville to become independent and also allow other cities to help each other so that they would gain their independance too.

One thing is clear, according to Mr. Patterson and that is that we have to make sure that Lennoxville uses its full potential by separating it from the City of Sherbrooke and then prioritizing the well-being of its population.

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